We Make. fix & maintain Dreadlocks

We make dreads exactly the way you want them, so you are 100% happy with your new dreads. We make them using the back combing technique and the needle technique to put hairs into the dread. (Same concept as the crochet, but works better and is more efficient)

Transforming your hair into dreadlocks can be intimidating, but if you get them done by us, rest assured, you will be very happy.

Getting good dreadlocks that lock properly, take time to make. People who say they can do them in 3 hours, watch out!! They will use wax, and your dreads will undo themselves after a week.

We’ve been making dreadlocks since 2012, we do a great job & we charge 30$/h. Need a price estimate?

Take a look at our Cost Calculator.

Maintenance & Fixing

We maintain dreadlocks like no one else. We use a needle with string to get those loose hairs into the dread for good! (We do not put any thread into the dreads, it is simply better than the crochet!! A technique I learned from a dreadlock maker in Argentina.)

How often should you get maintenance? That is entirely up to you, one thing is for sure, your dreadlocks become more mature if you get maintenance done regularly at first. Every 3 months is the best amount of time between root tightening sessions.

We also finish or fix heads that other dreadmakers have started. Customers sometimes aren't happy with what they did so they come to us!

Dreadlock Hair Extensions

This is not for everybody, but it is safe to say that we also offer this service! If your hair is not that long, and you want your dreads to go down below your shoulders or even below your chest. This is a great solution! We use 100% real human hair. To make your dread longer, we start by dreading your hair. Once we have 6” of dreadlock, we add hair extensions into your dread and keep dreading that and so on. You won’t even notice it!